Just shy of 10 months ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would  line-up my spiritual path with my creative path.And by line-up, I mean –-I chose to be fully, completely, totally open and present for both paths – energetically speaking. Note to self: these paths ARE intrinsically blended, Beth.Or to say it more wondrously –-Our creative natures spring forth from something SO much greater than ourselves. Has to. How else can we explain the exquisite beauty that we mere humans continue to conjure and bring forward into physical reality – science, art, music, dance, books, cinema – life itself!For me — born an artist, had to BE an artist, I just stopped denying (read: judging) that blended fact, and said to Spirit 10 months ago, “Whatever you want. Right here, right now, where do you want me to flow my talents, my skills, my energy. How can I be of service?”“Radio shows featuring the stories of real people living real lives of deliberate purpose, love, generosity and positivity”, is what came back.“Don’t know a thing about radio”, I said, my commitment wavering my unshakeable faith flying out the window, the crazed monkeys — right outa “The Wizard Of Oz” — flyin’ in. So much for unshakeable, huh? By the way, you’ve heard my clamoring monkey metaphor before — code for my fear.Spirit was easy and kind as always — “You’ll figure it out. Besides, you’ve wanted to explore ONENESS through the magnificence of non-sameness for as long as I’ve known you.”And there you have it.And so we have figured it out, are continuing to figure it out in the growing of our radio wings.

With that —

To the continued celebration of diversity, to the powerful vulnerability of living one’s purpose, to the inspiration derived from identifying with another’s story, here’s WHO we’ll be feeling our connectedness with on BEING DELIBERATELY radio in the month of November!

Show links are all there for you to tune in LIVE with us on show day!

Sunday, Nov. 3rd from 7-8PM (PT) – Kristine Taylor. This superb financial strategist and partner with Sovereign Wealth Preservation, Inc. is all about empowerment over failure in what she has to share with distressed homeowners facing foreclosure.


Sunday, Nov. 10th from 7-8PM (PT) – Charisse Kaufman. This LIVES OF PROMISE President makes a real difference for returning veterans and their families. This lady’s on the front line at home!

Sunday, Nov. 17th from 7-8PM (PT) – Jon Waldrup. Class-act astrologer and founder of Sense of Vision Astrology sheds some precision moonlight (he’s a moon expert!) on how we can listen more carefully to the celestial symphony for clues to fine-tuning our own personal orchestra.



Sunday, Nov.24th from 7-8PM (PT) – Michael Pritchard. This comedian, key note speaker and self-appointed, anti-bullying messenger joins us after returning from a nationwide school tour spreading the word about respect in place of bullying. If you’re bothered and outraged by recent stories, let your voice be heard by listening to this man’s passionate voice and message.
OK, there’s so many incredible stories of upliftment and inspiration in the world. Realistically, we can’t bring them all to you on the radio airwaves, which is why we’ve been inspired to create a BEING DELIBERATELY Feel-Good Video Showcase.Please check-out our HOLY WOW video picks for the week. And please — let us know about any beautiful stories you’re finding out there and we’ll feature ‘em here!


A village in Paraguay, situated on a landfill, makes something VERY specialout of trash.


In this moving video, NY Photographer Richard Rinaldi conducts a stunning human experiment. Talk about capturing connectedness!
We support and admire ALL of the amazing non-profits in the world. Danny’s Farm – a place where special animals meets special kids – has a front row seat in our hearts. And it’s not just ‘cause we produced this PSA and told their story for them!

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Until next round –

Let us never forget that we are all tied to each other when we tell fear to get in the back seat and let love drive the bus.

Committed to the bus ride,