Dear Fellow Uplifters,

Happy Halloween!

Feel a little magic in the air this time of year?

I’m especially excited that we’re living in a neighborhood now where we’re going to see some little goblins and super heroes going door-to-door, all amped up with the spirit of The Great Pumpkin.

When I was a kid, sure, the candy bootie was a big deal – counting it up, sorting it out and trading with my brothers and sister. Ultimately though, it was imagining my costume, making my costume, ticking off the hours until I could wear my costume and then, at nightfall, hitting the street IN my costume that held the scare & thrill for me. Is it any surprise that I eventually went to a theatre arts school?

4 DAYS ‘til our debut launch of BEING DELIBERATELY radio!

I’ll admit, just like my childhood anticipation to dress-up and go trick-or-treating, or later to step into character on stage, or even later pulling on my filmmaker pants to get behind the camera, I’ve got that all-too-familiar combo plate of nervous and calm going on about hosting our latest show. Yessir, both exhilarating and unsettling yet absolutely necessary (& normal) in the choice to dare grandly, I am told.

To dare at all, to risk not knowing and just going involves the oft time messy and uncomfortable summoning of courage, vulnerability, faith and oh, dear — TRUST!

And I say — who signs up easily for that?! Sweet Mary, not me. Here’s what I know and it helps —

I am only as good as the people I surround myself with!

LIVE this Sunday, November 3rd from 7-8PM (PST), please join me on BEING DELIBERATELY radio with guest Kristine Taylor, President of Kristine Taylor Philanthropies and Founder of the Home Saver Program.

Kristine is my kick-off guest and I couldn’t feel more easeful and empowered about that. When you hear her humbling story of personal triumph and now professional giving back, you’ll no longer say that size matters. Ha!

She may be physically petite, but man, she is so very mighty in mind & heart – where it does matter most.


MORE great guests in NOVEMBER!
LIVE on Sunday, November 10th, from 7-8PM (PST) Charisse Kauffman, President of Lives Of Promise – helping Veterans and their families through tough times.–lives-of-promise
LIVE on Sunday, November 17th, from 7-8PM (PST) Jon Waldrup, astrology expert and founder of Sense Of Vision Astrology – seeing life through the wisdom of the celestial bodies.–born-under-the-stars
LIVE on Sunday, November 24th, from 7-8PM (PST)Michael Pritchard, comedian and inspirational speaker from the acclaimed documentary “Happy” – turning bullying into respecting… one kid at a time.–stop-the-bullying
LIVE on Sunday, December 1st, from 7-8PM (PST), Jim & Dave Schuelke – The LA Times did a story about these identical twin brothers and partners in their own plumbing business and what they went out of their way to do for a family in dire need.
LIVE on Sunday, December 8th, from 7-8PM (PST), Patricia Tallman, Actress, Author, Producer and my dear friend, joins us again to talk about WHY her beloved BE A SANTA Program has fueled her heart for many years.
LIVE on Sunday, December 15th, from 7-8PM (PST), Cathy and Jim Gott – formerDodger pitching great – talk about their dedication to grow their beautiful non-profit organization, Danny’s Farm, named for their autistic son, Danny.

LIVE on Sunday, December 22nd, from 7-8PM (PST), Dr. Constance Scharff, author and addiction specialist with the Malibu Treatment Center sheds some deep and hopeful light on the recovery available to those struggling with substance dependency.

Millions have watched – now you can, too (or again, as the case may be)!

‘Cause it is Halloween — a time for kids and a time to let our inner kid out — we dedicate this week’s feel good video section to the younger ones and… ukuleles. Special thanks to Jodie Yeakel, in Sarasota, Florida for sending all 3 videos to us for consideration.

Shhhh… beware of things that go bump in the night!

Rockstar in the making. And btw, who needs to know
the words when you’ve got the attitude!

How ‘bout this heart breaker to serenade you?

And… our favorite “feel good” place.

That’s it for this round. I’m gonna go get my radio host costume pulled together and I look forward to being with you on the airwaves this Sunday! And please don’t forget to change your clocks Saturday before you go to bed — don’t want you missing the show!

Wishing you the magic of the season,

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