Oct 1, 2013 – Radio Show Launch in Early November

October greetings! It feels very good to be sitting down and writing to you again.

I took a deliberate, nearly month-long break in September. Stopped the presses on all fronts, went within to just practice BEING for a sustained period. Longer than I’d ever dared to give myself, really. Wouldn’t even call it a vacation in the typical sense, although I did a lot of consciousness traveling, getting to some inner destinations where I experienced a still peace like never before.

In this serenity I noticed that WHO had gone on vacation, or vacated rather was my beloved judge and jury, taking with them (for the most part) their carry-ons of shoulda-woulda-couldas. You know what I’m talking about — the crazy monkey cage on top of your shoulders – the one that bangs around and yells, “you need to DO this and that!”

Pssst… my monkey cage fights just being – the power, beauty, clarity and peace of JUST being.

Don’t know about you, but I am a well-trained, on-automatic doer. This being stuff has to be consciously practiced in order to override (balance out) my
hard-wired do, do, do tendencies.

All to say, I had a lot of epiphanies in this self-imposed practicing of my human beingness. Very interesting. A little scary. Pretty wonderful.

With immeasurable appreciation and love –

We had our finale broadcast of Positively Speaking radio at the start of September (52 shows in 8 months!). Our last guest was the amazing Michael Pritchard, who couldn’t have graced the show with more heart and humor. If there ever was a voice & presence measurably and positively impacting kids – our future generation – it’s Michael.

On November 3rd we’ll be back on the airwaves with a brand NEW show!

BEING DELIBERATELY radio will pick-up where Positively Speaking left off – bringing you the stories of inspired people doing inspiring things in the world.

Once again, my intention is to produce a quality show and drum roll, please… I AM also stepping into the role of host –- an on-purpose, gotta BE for yours truly.

I am excited and honored to be lining-up very special guests for us to meet together. For me, the joy and importance of this on-going, positive  “conversation” and contribution is in the deep knowing that we’re all here to help each other expand, to identify with each other, and in doing so, to know & discover our higher selves. Honest, I ain’t just hosting to hear my lovely voice  — this is all about MY desired growth and expansion!

Artists, authors, activists, altruists, athletes, all-purpose good people (and that’s just the A-list!) – that’s who I’ll be talking with on BEING DELIBERATELY radio and I hope you’ll join me.

We’re getting everything prepped for the November launch, and I will continue to do my best to keep you posted with unfolding details.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this –

More than you can possibly know, YOU have inspired me to keep living and being deliberately. Your support and belief in the creative & spiritual work I have been doing propels me to stay authentically lined-up, to continue to risk past what’s comfortable, familiar & safe. As I continue to leap, I know your willingness to dare your dreams increases as well. Life REALLY does work that way and it’s very, very cool to get that.

Last, on the subject of inspiration – I bow in deep gratitude to Bill Poett for his exceptional hosting work on Positively Speaking, such a rich standard of connection that I will humbly aspire to.

Our incredible library of shows for Positively Speaking remains available to you for downloads, to listen to right from your computer, to share with your friends and family. Please enjoy and here’s the link:


Wishing you ease, grace and love –