Jan 3, 2014 – A Bright And Hopeful New Year!

Dear fellow Co-Creators,

I’m so glad and honored to be connecting with you again in our brand new year of possibility and promise!

So, how are those intendings and aspirings for 2014 coming along for you? Gently, lightly and eagerly I’m hopin’.

For myself, I’ll share that I took a chunk of the wheels-slowed-down holiday to first imagine my intentions – feel them — and then write them out. Something about writing for me that shoots the rocket into the field of potentiality. Helps me really FEEL the launch of the desire in other words – enough to trust, to let go and let the Universe begin to guide me.

Now, you may have your own way of letting your dream cats out of the bag — through dancing, painting, singing, praying, strumming, shushing down a fresh powder mountain. ALL ways are good. The key thing is that we do release/reveal/state the thought in some way, yeah? Takes that potent energy (the thought) and begins to create that which we desire THAT MUCH FASTER.

Though my intention list is my totally honeable, in-process work of art (read: the permission to tweak it, to change whatever and whenever I want), there is an uber theme, a pervasive and definitely unchangeable detail for me. It probably won’t surprise you. Indeed, you know the necessity, the truth of it. Here ‘tis:

Now, in 2014 and beyond —

I intend in all I do, all I say, all that I create to grow, nurture, teach, give, receive, enjoy, enhance, expand and be love.

Be love in 2014 – where, in that deliberateness, the dream coming true is really YOU!

Loving you,

P.S. We’ve got an amazing January line-up of inspiring guests for you on BEING DELIBERATELY radio and some other 2014 transformational projects that I can’t wait to tell you about as they unfold.


BEING DELIBERATELY radio presents:
This Sunday, January 5th from 7-8PM (PST)

Dr. Mark Katz, author, honored advocate and one of the long-time pioneers and still active physicians in the treatment of AIDS joins me for what’s going to be an incredible 25 year retrospective on how far we have come in the journey to diagnose, save and cultivate compassion for those afflicted with the HIV virus. So privileged to have this gentleman as our guest. Here’s the link to the live show:



Tuesday January 14, from 7-8PM (PST)

BEING DELIBERATELY radio is excited to present “Frequency Artist”! This special, hour-long segment is an on-going discussion with celebrated astrologer, Jon Waldrup about real-time, practical, simple and powerful ways to utilize the wisdom of astrology in our daily lives.

Sense of Vision

On Saturday, January 18th from 7-8PM (PST)

Boni Lonnsburry, author of “The Map” is my guest and I’m so excited to connect with her on a topic that has become a dominant and growing perspective in my life – that we really, really do create our own reality. If you are a fan of  “The Secret”, a follower of Jerry and Esther Hicks or Seth, Boni not only lives the corecepts of the these teachings SO fully, she’s interpreted them in her wonderful new book – using her own astonishing manifestational story as her basis – and delivers an experiential wisdom in the most user-friendly, generous and loving way. Let’s all get together with her and learn, love, repeat! Here’s the link:


And our new year feel-good video could not be a better one. Yes, even the Dalai Lama is human.