Nov 14, 2013 – All About The Stars

Today’s word that floats into my consciousness, as I sit down to write to you istrust.What is trust and how do we cultivate it in our lives – both in our work and in our more personal connections?My immediate answer – and it’s from an older, out-worn news feed (tape in my head) – I want to say that trust (to trust) has to do with what another may or may not be doing. Show me what you got, and then I’ll decide to trust (you) or not.

My more thoughtful, non-rushed answer is that I know that the above doesn’t work this way. The act and art of trusting being an inside job, that is.

All comes back to me – AGAIN.

To the extent that I am willing to be open, to be vulnerable, to be me is the degree to which I can experience the freedom of trust – an inner confidence, peace and knowing that all is as it should be.

As you heard me share, we had our technical glitches with launching the new radio show, yet this past weekend’s double header broadcast was better than I could have planned, scheduled, imagined it to be.

Who got out of the way? I did.


My deepest thanks to both Kristine Taylor Founder of Kristine Taylor Philanthropies and the Home Saver Program – one home at a time, one life at a time, you’re amazing.

And to Charisse Kaufman President of Lives of Promise – your work with our veterans and their families is most, most humbling and gotten my filmmaker’s heart engaged.

Here’s the re-posted broadcasts of these 2 inspirational interviews on the “Being Deliberately” radio airwaves. Have a listen and if you’re uplifted and empowered, please share with another!

This coming Sunday, November 17th on BEING DELIBERATELY radio  —

Mercury is no longer retrograde. That big and powerful planet has finally turned direct!

To celebrate, to tell us in more detail what ALL of that means, to shed more light and wisdom on the connection of the movement of the planets to the movement in our own lives, I’m so excited to have Jon Waldrup as my guest.

Jon is a counseling astrologer and the creator of the Moon Temple Oracle, a mobile moon phase and oracle app. His purpose is to communicate a sense of reverence for the sacred life-cycle all living creatures on Earth have come to experience.

His astrological lineage comes down from M.E. Jones through Ellias Lonsdale. He was mentored in the art of the session by Ro Loughran and his foundation is deep in Rhudyar, Blaschke, Arroyo and Greene.

In sessions, he helps clients understand their feeling experience in a way that gives them both everyday tools to work with and a broader soul-journey perspective.

Join Jon and me LIVE on Sunday (the 17th) 7-8PM (PST) for a most enlightening show on BEING DELIBERATELY radio. Here’s the link:–born-under-the-stars

Get the Kleenex out, get your smile on with our feel-good video of the week –

Everyone gave up on this disabled veteran except himself and oneYoga instructor.

Have a beautiful weekend and remember –

As much as possible — honor, inspire and empower yourself and others in all you do, in all you say, in all you create.