Dec 13, 2013 – Baseball Legend Uses His Celebrity to Open Hearts and Minds

We’re gettin’ deeper into the month of December, and with that, the heightening holiday over-load and year-end close-out energies. Whew! I’m gonna say that again – WHEW!During these high churn times, are you giving yourself a break –- frequently? Doing your best to step away from the churn with anything that will center you back into your breath, your heart, your beingness – the “things” that really matter?Takes extra work (deliberate practice) to stop the presses, if but for a few precious moments, doesn’t it? Especially when you gotta be somewhere, wrap something, cook for a crew, all the while keeping your jolly going. I know, I know — Who has time during this time of year??!

And that’s exactly the point. My point – that I keep sorting-out for myself, practicing for myself — is all to stay intact.

That said – and it could be a quick breather for you — I’d love for you to visit my blog where I’m really enjoying talking about “intactness” along with my favorite musing of how-to balance our outward and inward journey. So important for our health, for the health of the planet, know what I’m saying?

You can find my blog and other writings on our website:

Please know that it is my gift (and growth) to write these pieces, just as I know that it is your gift to read them. In that exchange of service, trust me, we’re doing some great, positive, global balancing work together – and that feels good.

And speaking of practicing other ways to remain intact –

Scheduling our beloved radio shows through the holiday weeks is one of the smarter things I’ve ever done, that’s for sure!

It’s been incredibly grounding for me to connect with the hearts and stories of others who continue to seek that outward and inward balance for themselves by being of uplifting service. Equally grounding to share them with you. So, so grateful for the opportunity all around.

Last weekend’s BEING DELIBERATELY radio double header was no exception!

(Please click on the below links and listen to the recorded shows anytime you want!)

Many thanks to Dr. Adam Silberstein and Asher Gottesman, co-founders of The Source – Health and Wellness Center for gracing our airwaves with your authenticity and presence. Your words of hope and healing for those dealing with eating disorders and eating addictions was profound and beautiful and a must listen for us all – most especially this time of year!


My heart was squeezed beyond words to have the glorious Patricia Tallman back with us! We had a gorgeous discussion about journeys – the old and the new – the outward and the inward. Such wisdom, depth and life expressed by this iconic Sci-fi actor, author, activist and awesome woman. Can’t thank you enough, Pat!

And please, please, please, NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL to help out with Pat’s beloved Be A Santa Program for the Penny Lane foster homes teenagers. She’s making Christmas happen for these kids right now and needs our help RIGHT NOW! Here’s the link to do whatever you can:

This coming weekend, Sunday, December 15th from 7-8PM (PST) —

I’m so excited to have the amazing Cathy Gott, CEO of Education Spectrum (for Autism) back on the air waves! She’ll be joined by husband and former Dodger pitching legend, Jim Gott. Together, Cathy and Jim co-founded their non-profit, Danny’s Farm, named for their autistic son, Danny. It’s a very special place for special needs children and adults and we’re going to hear all about that. Here’s the link to the live show:

And I’m thrilled to announce our upcoming LIVE special segment on Tuesday, December 17th from 7-8PM (PST)!

BEING DELIBERATELY radio presents “Frequency Artist” with celebrated astrologer Jon Waldrup and yours truly as the host.

Please join Jon and me for a bi-monthy special segment about ALL that’s doin’ in the cosmos and how we can tap that celestial wisdom & energy practically, simply and powerfully in our daily lives.

And here’s our feel-good video for the week. Such a testament to LOVE!

Man Wears Pink Tutus In Photos To Make His Wife Laugh During Chemotherapy Treatments.

Lots goin’ on – so honored to share the holiday goodies with you!

With appreciation and love,