Dec 6, 2013 – Sci-Fi Star and Overeating Expert Join us for Pre-Holiday Doubleheader

We’re coming up on our one year anniversary of being on the radio airwaves, holding true to our intention to inspire and uplift.I’m very proud of us!I also pinch myself when I review who I’ve had the honor to meet and connect with through this process of producing these shows and now hosting “Being Deliberately.”  Wild yet true, people keep saying ‘yes’ to being guests — whole-hearted people, real folks just like you and me, who, in spite of obstacles have challenged themselves to make a positive contribution to the human experience.

And here’s the thing –-

I do realize that they challenge themselves for themselves – for their growth, their own soul-diving journey. The rest of the world automatically benefits because of this alignment. Amazing how that works.

I’ll be honest, I’m not making a dime doing these radio shows, yet for today, I am in alignment with my soul’s calling by doing so. We truly go show-to-show, in faith that we can continue to do this thing we’ve come to love and value so much. And just stating that, my concerns and fears about making ends meet dissolve one more time and I breathe into this thought:

By living fully into my purpose, everything I need meets up with me.

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary –

Actress, author and activist Patricia Tallman rejoins us on Sunday, December 8th from 7-8PM (PST).

Pat was our very 1st guest around this time last year. She helped us launch our shows and we’re forever grateful to her for that. Her popularity in the sci-fi world, most especially with the “Babylon 5” fan base is pretty astonishing, and I think had everything to do with her bringing voice and heart to her character Leta on the series – Leta being a special & advanced intuitive.

Having known Pat for many moons (we went to Carnegie-Mellon University’s drama school together!), I have always considered her – just like Leta – to be special and advanced.

Please join me and Pat for an intimate and loving holiday show on “Being Deliberately” radio as we talk about the Divine and beautiful storms of life, walk down memory lane a little bit AND hear how her beloved Be A Santa Program is shaping up for her “kids” at Penny Lane – Here’s the link:

Going backwards on our great radio double header weekend —

ON SATURDAY, December 7th from 7-8PM (PST), Dr. Adam Silberstein co-founder of The Source – Help and Wellness Center is my special guest.

‘Tis the season to consume!

We really thought it was important to get Adam on the show during the holidays, so we’ve carved out this extra night just so we can hear his story and message about mastering hope and healing with over-eating and other eating disorders, not only during this time of year but every day. Please join us for an extra helping of upliftment:


Huge thanks, again, to Jimmy and Dave Schuelke for bringing their hearts and story to our airwaves last week. These great men and lovely beings are true blue in how they conduct their business AND how they set foot into the world. Here’s the re-post of their show – and I dare you to tell the VOICES of these identical twin brothers apart!

Last, but not least, this week’s feel-good video is a very special story of a long ago hero for many – a man whose kindness and valor was remembered in a most surprising and moving way.


His moment of recognition on TV will move you to tears.

That’s it for this round. So grateful to be celebrating a year of heart-centered radio programming with you.

All of me,