Oct 10, 2013 – Amazing Guest Line-up for November!

Much to share this week about our upcoming November line-up of inspiring guests for BEING DELIBERATELY radio, but first —

I must practice gratitude with you.

And it really is a conscious, I-gotta-do-this-for-my-growth-and-well being practice. The more I practice, the more I realize that an attitude of gratitude, no matter what is going on in my world, or the world around me fosters a visceral sense of hope and possibility. Real smiley face kinda stuff. Cornball image, but perfect.

How ‘bout you? Does your day feel and go better when you actively choose appreciating over holding back on that energy? Mine sure does. It’s so simple, right, but honestly, I gotta give this choosing my fullest attention – keep practicing my fanny off in other words – otherwise, I can slip around in the ‘not enough’ goo as fast as you can say… well, goo.

So, to not slipping and sliding –

I am so grateful for the flood of thoughtful and awakened response I received on last week’s post about the power of being deliberately – both the concept & way of living one’s life, and with that, the overwhelming enthusiasm about our newest show (and title therewith).

I am so grateful to be on this path of illuminating and highlighting WHO and what is good, positive, uplifting & inspiring (keeps me out of the goo big time!).

I am so grateful to have the ability to share these empowering stories with the world.

I am so grateful for the new and beautiful website for our shows, for photographer Caroline Carrigan’s artistry, and for all the visits we’ve had so far.

Fantastic guests in November on BEING DELIBERATELY radio!

Sunday, Nov. 3rd LIVE from 7-8PM (PT):
Kristine Taylorpartner with Sovereign Wealth Preservation, Inc. and Founder of the non-profit Kristine Taylor PhilanthropiesIf you, or someone you know is a distressed homeowner, struggling to save their home (anywhere in this country), you won’t want to miss the story about the life and work of this beautifully compassionate guest. Join me and Kristine to hear how she and her partners are in the business of REALLY helping people in a very real time of hardship and loss.

Sunday, Nov. 10th LIVE from 7-8PM (PT):
Charisse Kaufman
President of Lives Of Promise, Inc. joins me and I couldn’t be more touched about this woman’s story and her work with our military veterans and their families. Very special being with a heart of gold. My greatest thanks to Tim Doolin for bringing her into my awareness.

Sunday, Nov. 17th LIVE from 7-8PM (PT): 
Master Astrologer, Jon Waldrup blesses the show with his presence and amazing celestial wisdom. I’ve been following Jon’s meticulous & prophetic astro work on Stephanie Azaria’s The Cosmic Path for sometime now and I finally had to reach-out to him to be my guest. SO honored he’s said ‘yes’ and we’re gonna have a FUN talk!

And speaking of fun that runneth over —

Sunday, Nov. 24th LIVE from 7-8PM (PT): 
The comedian & star of the one-man, anti-bullying message tour, Michael Pritchard returns to us for a reprise interview. If you’ve seen the acclaimed documentary “Happy”, you know how beautiful, funny and wise Michael is. We HAD to bring him back and what better than to talk with him on our pre-Thanksgiving Day show. Michael just IS gratitude and I can’t wait to share his humorous and heartfelt philosophy on giving thanks with you.

That’s the quick of it for this pass. Until the next –-

As much as possible — empower, inspire & honor yourself and others in all that you do, in all that you say, in all that you create.

With gratitude galore,