Feb 13, 2014 – Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By now you know I don’t shy away from expressing love and appreciation and today’s just a marvelous excuse to keep on gushing.

So here goes —

My greatest love expressed is through my creativity. That is my fortunate truth. Our tv shows, our radio shows, our films – they are my ongoing Valentine cards to you, to the world, all delivered with a desire to impact and make an uplifting difference. Win/win, love/love – it’s a destiny I don’t take for granted.

In last week’s newsletter we announced our embarking on the making of the documentary feature film “Stranger At Home” – a light-shedding on the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its impact on our veterans, their families and society.

We got such a positive response to the announcement, which was so encouraging – an indicator that this subject resonates with many.

Along with the encouraging words came many questions, the biggest one being – will this be a political film?

Our simple answer is no.

Longer answer — we’re storytellers, not lobbyists. In our work, we strive to open hearts, not polarize them.

Moreover, our full belief is that character drives every good story forward. Our intention, therefore, is to share the stories of those real people (characters) who have been impacted by PTSD, and let their voices and experiences advocate for the idea of compassion, dialogue and solutions.

We cannot thank Lives Of Promise enough for trusting us to shoot this film through the lens of their work with our veterans and their families. This intimate pathway of storytelling is not only a privilege, but a filmmaker’s dream.

As a beautiful tie-in — Charisse Kaufman, President of Lives Of Promise was one of our many special guests on the radio show. All’s I can say is — I see why it works.

In that —

Love begets love begets love begets…

You’re in my heart on this day and all days,


P.S.  Special thanks to film producer Irina Isaeva for her poignant and elegant interview with me on BEING DELIBERATELY radio last Sunday.

It took her and writer/director husband, Costa Fam, two years and shooting in five European countries to complete their 18 minute short film “Shoes”, an incredibly powerful memorial to the Holocaust. This short film has been receiving awards all over Europe and was the award-winning headliner at the Jewish Film Festival in San Diego this past week.

Their story is filmmaking at its most heart-centered best. I hope you’ll have a listen to the broadcast, which you can do right from your computer or download and listen throughout your day. FREE inspiration – can’t beat that! Here’s the link:


Our “Inspired Filmmaking” series on BEING DELIBERATELY radio keeps on delivering!

On Saturday, February 15th from 7-8PM (PST) –-

Victor Warren, CEO of Glydascope Films is my special guest. Victor is one of the most talented, committed and hardest-working writer/director/producers I know. We’ll be talking about his amazing creative road, which has led him to the making of his debut feature film HOT, an apocalyptic love/action story which is in post-production as we speak.


On Sunday, February 16th from 7-8PM (PST) —

Marc Halperin and Marla Lewin Halperin join me on the airwaves! This extraordinary couple, founders of Global Film Village, have graced the film industry as distributors, marketing strategists, Oscar campaign specialists, publicists and filmmakers for many years.

Their wealth of experience and their deep care for meaningful and impactful films is what continues to drive them to support filmmakers and be a whole-hearted part of the success of projects – be they an indie, a short film, documentary or a studio feature.

As Oscars quickly approach, these two have some great and fun insider knowledge to share with us!


On Sunday, February 23rd from 7-8PM (PST) —

I am joined by my “Stranger At Home” co-producers, Luis Remesar and Charisse Kaufman to talk more in-depth about the labor of love that making a documentary is, and WHY we’ve all come to engage in this special project.


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