Feb 9, 2014 – Irina Isaeva & Costa Fam – Filmmakers – “Shoes”

February greetings and a very blessed and happy Chinese New Year!And oh my, what a potent, transformational and exciting time we have just entered as of January 31st , 2014: The Year Of The Yang Wood Horse!Can you FEEL it?

Are you allowing yourself to dream again if you’d put that frequency on pause for a bit –- as in, re-igniting old dreams or letting in the possibility of new ones? Or both?

Are you allowing yourself to dream bigger and more precisely than ever before — what do I want and WHY do I want it?

Are you noticing prayers being answered, doors opening, people coming into your life in loving and supportive ways?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, please, please don’t doubt the signs. Instead, appreciate them fully for they are real indicators of your thoughts and intentions moving in stride with you, finally. Please, please, please keep tapping the energy of this time. Trust and go with the gait and strength of the metaphorical horse that is here for all of us right NOW.

And above all, as you ride with the wind at your back —

Know deeply that you ARE the change. You ARE the positive contribution. Your missions, visions, desires, wishes, imaginings and dreams for a more inspired you and planet – they ALL matter. Yes, really, please — keep seeing until you believe.

And if you don’t wanna take my entire word for it, have a read of this marvelously energizing and crazy hopeful piece — “2014: The Year Of The Yang Wood Horse” by Karen Abler Carrasco:


It’s time – you’re the one.


P.S. Special announcement! In association with Lives Of Promise, we are so honored to have said ‘yes’ to the making of “Stranger At Home”, a feature-length documentary on the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its impact on our veterans, their families and society.

Through the intimate stories of human beings who have witnessed and experienced horrific trauma, whose lives have changed forever because of this unseen injury, we intend to shed honest & compassionate light on the subject of PTSD and in doing so promote the necessity of healing.

Production for “Stranger At Home” starts on February 12th, and I so look forward to sharing the journey of making this film with you. All angels, “seen and unseen” to quote the wonderful Boni Lonnsburry, are being called in to assist on this project, and trust me, we’ll need every one of ‘em to see us through.

BEING DELIBERATELY radio keeps on keeping on!

As much as possible, throughout the filmmaking process, we will continue to bring you more inspiring stories on our radio airwaves. In fact —

February is “Inspired Filmmaking Month”!

Coincidence? I think not.

We’ve got an exceptional line-up of filmmaking guests for you to meet –- from producers, to distributors to writer/directors — all focused on creating meaningful cinema. If you believe in the transformative power of movies, or just love to watch them, please join us.

On Sunday, February 9th from 7-8PM (PST) –

Irina Isaeva, producer for the short film “Shoes” is my special guest.

“Shoes” is 18 poignant and profound minutes of a story about the Holocaust. Wordless, faceless – simply focused on a pair of red shoes, worn by a woman who eventually ends up in the gas chamber, this movie is moving audiences in festivals across Europe and premieres in the U.S. at the Jewish Film Festival this coming week in San Diego, CA.

Irina has not only devoted her life to making this film, but has devoted herself to her husband, the film’s writer and director, Costa Fam – the driving force behind the powerful reminder and message the story of “Shoes” delivers.


On Sunday, February 16th from 7-8PM (PST) –

Veteran film marketing and distribution strategist, Marc Halperin joins me on the show.

Marc has gained fame for his golden touch in the arena of acquiring and distributing many academy award winning films, including one of my favorites, “My Left Foot”.

On Sunday, February 23rd from 7-8PM (PST) –

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Luis Remesar is my very, very special guest.

As many of you know, Lu is my husband, and he’s also my creative partner. We are having the guts and the glory of getting on-the-air together to talk about “Stranger At Home”, which we are co-producing, co-directing and co-writing.

Special thanks to  —

Rob Kagel for joining me on our beautiful broadcast about the power of forgiveness.

Here is the re-post of this special man’s story of coming to terms with the murder of his son, and in one channeled moment of Divinity, the choice he made to forgive the killer. Powerful and beautifully inspiring stuff.


And here’s our feel-good video for the week.

The late Steve Jobs shares the moment the light bulb went off in his head.