Nov 6, 2013 – Internet Provider Crash slowed us down, but we’re back this weekend with back to back shows!

Hey, guys —

Our apologies to all of you who tuned in with us LIVE this past Sunday for our show with Kristine Taylor founder of the Home Saver Program – as there was NO show, unfortunately.

Truly, you were not doing anything “wrong” in your attempt to listen to the show, and it’s so interesting how I got that report and perspective from many. How fast we can default to self-blame, right?

Indeed, of all the days, on all the radio shows, our main server had gone down. Our internet hands were tied, as were many in our surrounding subscriber community. If we wanted to let you know what was happening, we couldn’t. Couldn’t post, couldn’t text, couldn’t e-mail, oh no, what shall we DO?

Then, I remembered to BE (told you it took practice – sheesh!).

“Be WHAT?”, came the resistant voice of panic and perfectionism – the default I spoke of above wanting to override, the monkey cage (my crazy head) starting to rattle-up.

Spirit really loves me – Her voice got in, bypassed the cage.“BE alright with this. BE peace in the technical silence, Beth. Your thoughts, your vibration are stronger than any internet signal. Send everyone a peaceful thought that all is well. It really is, ya know.”

Followed Her suggestion. I know you got my blessing.

Second thing –

We’re filled with such appreciation for ALL of the “hey, we tuned in to listen, but nothing happened” messages. That you are paying attention to what we’re all about means so very, very much.

And speaking of peaceful graciousness —

Kristine Taylor, Founder of the Home Saver Program and Kristine Taylor Philanthropies was so easy about re-scheduling and we love her for that.

Join me and Kristine LIVE this coming Saturday, November 9th from 7-8PM (PST) on BEING DELIBERATELY radio. Tune in for her message of hope and REAL SOLUTIONS for distressed home owners trying to keep the roof over their heads, stay in their beloved homes, or make other living choices that are best for them.

2 great shows back-to-back —

Charisse Kaufman, President of Lives Of Promise joins me LIVE on Sunday, November 10th from 7-8PM (PST) for what does promise to be a very profound and illuminating show on the complex subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how we can make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans and their impacted families.

Here’s the link to both shows:–homesavers

Stars, planets, moons – celestial wisdom next week on BEING DELIBERATELY radio!

Jon Waldrup, astrologer extraordinaire joins me LIVE on Sunday, November 17th from 7-8PM (PST), and I can’t wait to sink into a conversation with him about his gentle and rich take on this AMAZING period of time we are all emerging (& merging) into. Heart-centered, authentic, reverent living – how do we do this with more ease and grace? Jon, you asked – this is what I’d love to talk about.


Audio works, but add a visual and you’ve got extra impact —

Check-out this week’s feel good videos!

I was especially struck by the empathy (tears streaming down his face) of the young wide receiver (about 13 yrs. old). His getting of what really matters, his articulation of that filled me with such hope. Game changer for these kids, but man, such a life changer, too!

And this video – another one we put together for our favorite feel good place – Danny’s Farm. Special thanksto Alec Baldwin for really stepping-up and helping out.

Host/Producer signing off – the show will go on and I love you for believing and supporting!

Be peace,