Jan 17, 2014 – Your Life’s a Delicious Work of Art. Own Your Artistry!

Today, in another blog writing I’d done, I described myself as an “artsy liberal”.  I hear those two words together, out of context, and I grin-cringe – meaning, don’t love how that sounds, but ah well.  Writers – we toil for our perfect words.

Yes, I am an artist. It is my blessing, not my curse.

I have shared before that I was born with that knowing – that I was an artist. Or at least knew, at a fairly early age, that a creative path was a road that I had to travel. Had – as in – likened to the necessity of breathing – as in – I know my aliveness through creative expression – as in – I derive my understanding of the life experience by participating fully as an artist.

And here’s the thing I am knowing more deeply, playing with more eagerly, connecting with more fully —

We’re ALL artists. Yeah, really. When someone tells me they don’t have a creative bone in their body, I don’t believe a word of it.

In terms of sculpting our lives, contouring our energy, tuning up our frequency – each of us truly has the da Vinci capacity, the gift of self-artistry, to enjoy being and hear this — continually becoming the work of art that we are meant to be.

Gives me comfort. Really does. To imagine a world of fully awake self-artists is to imagine a world of magic. Not the woo woo kind of magic, but the kind of sparkling awareness, the delicious alertness, the inner peace that is possible for each of us, and consequently for those around us, when we insist on concentrating on our beauty rather than our flaws, when we focus on what is good, over what is lacking. Ain’t no trick. Just practice.

As for liberal – it’s not a political word for me. Rather, a positive, playful, hopeful sensibility — synonymous with open, with willing, with daring greatly to continuously imagine the world I’ve described above.

And after all, my imagination is the generating plant of my creation factory.

To our open, willing, courageous artist’s journey!

Daring on,

P.S.  I’m very excited about our special BEING DELIBERATELY radio double header weekend! The Powerful Law of Attraction and The Source are gracing our airwaves. Can’t get much better than that!

On Saturday, January 18th from 7-8PM (PST)

Boni Lonnsburry, author of “The Map” and creator of the Living The Life You Love movement is my guest. Wow, she sure is one of my signs of incredible abundance flooding in and she can be yours, too! If you loved “The Secret”, if you’ve studied Abraham, Lazaris, Avatar, Seth – Boni’s new book brings an amazing story of personal manifestation – a face, heart and self-realized ease to understanding WHY the powerful Law of Attraction works the way it does, and why learning to work with this law transforms your life, no buts about it.


On Sunday, January 19th, from 7-8PM (PST)

Dr. Jason Levine, Executive Director of THE SOURCE Health and Wellness Treatment Center joins me for another informative and inspirational show on help for those who want to live a life without smoking. Changing your beliefs, changing your idea of wellness – he’s got some pretty passionate thoughts to share.


Some beautiful shows for you to hear right from your computer or download and listen throughout your day. All FREE!

Re-post of this week’s “Frequency Artist” with our resident astrologer, Jon Waldrup!

If you missed the LIVE show, no worries. Here’s the recording. Another fun ride in the starship with Jon, talking about the powerful and wonderful WHY of astrological wisdom to enhance our lives.

Sense of Vision

AND Jon and I will be back again for another segment of “Frequency Artist” on Tuesday, January 27th from 7-8PM (PST). Tell your astro buff friends!

Re-post of last weekend’s BEING DELIBERATELY with my special guests Ron and Susan Passaro from Assisted Transition Senior Care.

Such upliftment, hope and SOLUTIONS from this special partnership about daunting and difficult decisions when searching for care for our elderly loved ones. Share with people you love!


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