Jan 24, 2014 – “Making Positive Changes” Series Wrapping Up

Well, we’re just about wrapped-up with our “Making Positive Changes” series on BEING DELIBERATELY radio.I’m so grateful for the amazing guests and discussions over the last several weeks of shows. Such hope, wisdom, solutions, inspiration has been shared on our radio air-waves about unraveling and breaking through those beliefs (thoughts we keep thinking) and patterns of behavior that stand between us and our most self-realized, beautifully empowered lives.

“What’s our audience reach?”, we get asked a lot. Our simple answer — the world.

As you know, we’re on the internet with our shows, believing that this is where the world is playing, searching, seeking information, inspiration and connection. Our aim – one show at a time – is to deliver quality, something authentic and identifiable with the strong intention to uplift.

To listen back to ANY of our shows, you can visit beingdeliberately.com and check-out our library of podcasts. Listen to a podcast right from your computer, or download and hear throughout your day. It’s all free.

A special shout-out of thanks to publicist Don Klosterman for being so lined-up with our energy, that every guest he sends to us is an absolute jewel.

In February, just in time for Oscars –

I’m so excited to announce our “Inspired Filmmaker” series on BEING DELIBERATELY! We’re in a time when art and the expression of it is so essential to our healing, our growth, our expansion. I’m thrilled about the incredible artists we’ve got lined up for you to meet next month.

Last, endless thanks for your continued support and belief in the mission of our radio shows. Please pass along our newsletter to those whom you feel would benefit, too.

Yours on the inspiration ride –

P.S.  To cap off our “Making Positive Changes” series, Robert Kagel is my special guest this Sunday, January 26th from 7-8PM (PST). A truly unimaginable situation and story (the murder of his oldest son), which resulted in an act of forgiveness that will open your heart and mind in positively life-changing ways.

Here’s the link to the LIVE show:


And for your convenience, ‘cause we love ya —

Here’s the re-post of broadcasts from of our “Making Positive Changes” series!

Click on the link and have an hour of inspiration all to yourself. And if you like what you hear, share with someone you love who might need to hear it, too. That’s how it works!

Trying to beat the nicotine habit? Dr. Jason Levine has some real answers and hope.



Do you want to be a conscious creator (as opposed to unconscious) of your own life? Boni Lonnsburry, author of “The Map” teaches you how to sculpt the life you prefer – thought, by thought, by thought. Awesomeness!



Does finding the right care for our elderly family members have to be a nightmare? Ron and Susan Passaro offer solutions and enormous relief.



Where are we with the treatment and attitude about AIDS? Dr. Mark Katz sheds the most loving light and progress of 30 years on this huge topic.



Is drug and alcohol addiction a hopeless situation? Dr. Constance Scharff, author of “Ending Addiction For Good” offers some powerfully positive insights and research on the subject.



Is Autism a burden? On the contrary, those with Autism have beauty, talent and wisdom to share with us. Cathy, Jim and Danny Gott of Danny’s Farm share that knowledge in loving and joyous spades.



Struggling to get your eating under control? Dr. Adam Silberstein offers his own story and progress of healing an eating addiction, and is passionately wise about helping others to do the same. 



If you build it they will come!

Gifted astrologer Jon Waldrup and I will be back in the starship on Tuesday, January 28th from 7-8PM (PST) for another great segment of “Frequency Artist”.

It’s the “Car Talk” of Radio Astrology Shows. A what’s goin’ on in the comos, and why we should give our attention to understanding how the heavenly bodies can impact our daily lives. A little astro knowledge goes a long way in consciously creating the life you prefer! Hey, we did a show about that (see above!).


XOXOXO – and here’s our feel-good video for the week.

Man’s Best Friend
If this PSA doesn’t melt your heart, you should see a cardiologist.