Jan 10, 2014 – Taking Care of the Elderly – There is Help

Man, oh man, can you feel the transformational speed of consciousness at this time — like a race horse outa the gate as soon as the calendar flipped to 2014?!I sure can.You, me, all of us – we ARE the race horse, of course. The collective energy, without hesitation, saying I’m here, it’s time, let’s BE on this track with everything we’ve got, LET’S SPRINT FROM OUR HEARTS! Our full bodies, our strong minds will just naturally follow if we simply trust and go.I know, with everything in my being, that we have arrived into a time of we vs. me. How does the song go? United we stand, divided we fall…  Only now, that lyric doesn’t strike me about a fight per se, but more of a letting go… into love … our most powerful, generative, endlessly-yielding natural resource ever, ever, ever.

Everything we desire, we can’t manifest alone.

Everything we manifest, to enjoy fully, we need to share with others.

Everything we share with others reminds us of the connection that we all seek – the reminder, more precisely, that we are all connected.

And the love wheel keeps on turning.

Here’s to sprinting from our hearts!


P.S. Last week’s guest on BEING DELIBERATELY radio personifies what love and service looks like insofar as an astonishing 30 year career working with AIDS patients goes. My time on-the-air with Dr. Mark Katz was beyond moving and enlightening about how far we have come with treating AIDS – and where we still need to go. Here’s the recorded link to this very rich show. Please listen and share liberally.



On Sunday, January 12th from 7-8PM (PST) on BEING DELIBERATELY —

Susan and Ron Passaro, partners in life and partners with Assisted Transition Senior Care are my special guests. This dedicated husband and wife team have an alternative philosophy, solutions and hope for those faced with the difficult decision of placing their elderly family members in assisted living. Stuff noboby wants to deal with, yet these two beings make the process of placement a positive and loving experience for all involved. Here’s the link for the LIVE show:


On Tuesday, January 14th from 7-8PM (PST) BEING DELIBERATELY radio presents “Frequency Artist” with our favorite astrologer —

Jon Waldrup is back with me on-the-air for our on-going series on what the celestial symphony is asking us to observe and listen to for practical use in our own lives. Astrology is an experiential study and science and Jon would love to answer any questions you may have about your personal journey. Here’s the link to the LIVE show and our call-in number will be right at the top of the screen!

Sense of Vision

On Saturday, January 18th from 7-8PM (PST) on BEING DELIBERATELY –

Boni Lonnsburry, author of “The Map”, a book that has caught on fire since its recent release joins me on the show. If you loved “The Secret” – if you believe, or want to believe that you create your own reality, Boni — through her own story — has put a face, heart, and user-friendly way on the understanding and full engagement of the powerful Law Of Attraction.


And this week’s feel good video just speaks to love – and dang, a lot of trust. too! Please forgive (or enjoy) the GoPro camera ad – the story really does speak louder than the product.