Nov 22, 2013 – Let’s Put An End To Bullying

I’m needing to laugh more.Seriously, I mean it.

There’s so much transformational energy occurring in consciousness at this time – showing itself through political storms, personal storms and the obvious one, weather storms. It’s haling as I write this.

We make up consciousness. I am consciousness.

With all of what appears to be upheaval, unrest and uncertainty – crazy and cool bridges over troubled waters – I work hard to see the good that comes from challenges, the new & better ways of being and relating that are getting sculpted out of this fresh clay (time) that we are living in. That, I do feel so privileged to be living.

The gentle charge for me then:

The work doesn’t have to be THAT hard. Kinda owe it to myself, to my husband, to my dogs, to my creativity, to the universe to find ease in the cascade of changes. Let those waters rush over and by me. That’s all. That’s the work.

And as far as a cascade of laughter goes –

Please join me and my guest, comedian, compassion activist, and “that guy” from the acclaimed documentary “Happy”, Michael Pritchard, LIVE this Sunday, November 24th from 7-8PM PST, on BEING DELIBERATELY radio.

So honored that Michael’s making a return visit to our radio world! Can’t wait for him to share with us his recent, month-long tour of schools across the country with his anti-bullying message for the kids.

Here’s the link:–stop-the-bullying

Moon matters –

A very special thanks to counseling astrologer, Jon Waldrup, creator of The Moon Temple Oracle ( for gracing our airwaves on last Sunday’s Full Moon show. We’re thinking that Jon’s voice, heart and wisdom for all of us – cosmically speaking – maybe oughta be a regular voice on radio. Whadda you think?

Here’s the re-post:

To set the tone for Michael Pritchard’s story about the kids, here’s our feel-good video for the week. A very special kid from Uganda, with a very special charge for all of us:

Brief but powerful, this Ugandan teen expresses it beautifully.

That’s it for this round.

Sending appreciation your way and gettin’ my ease on,